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Amber new


Role Artist
Workplace Meadow Gallery
Home Breezy Meadow
Family Cole
Favourite Fried River Salmon
Likes Autumn Crocus
Northern Brew
Tropical Mango

Amber is an artistic soul who moved into town with her boyfriend Cole a few years ago. She loves to express her creative side through painting vibrant watercolor landscapes and crafting elegant jewelry. Amber is fun and friendly and appreciates the simple beauty of life in harmony with nature.


Monday, Thursday, Sunday
6 AM - 10 AM Breezy Meadow, at the pond
11 AM - 9 PM Working at Meadow Gallery
9 PM - 12 AM Standing in front of Meadow Gallery
9 AM - ?? Mono's General Shop
?? - 6 PM Fisherman's Spring            
8 PM - 10 PM Midnight Tavern
10 PM - 11 PM Breezy Meadow, in front of Meadow Gallery
Friday, Saturday
10 AM - 2 PM Oceanfront, on the bench
7 PM - 12 AM Midnight Tavern                            

WeatherRainDay Fri - upstairs in Meadow Gallery WeatherRainDay Sat - Aroma Bakery 11 AM - 5 PM


Dinner Plans

Amber wants to know if Sparrow could help make one of Cole's favorite seafood dishes. Sparrow would be delighted but there's only one problem: he could have sworn he heard Cole mention just the other day how he hates seafood! Amber seems surprised and begins to ramble about how she would never make up some story just to get out of Cole's boring soup for dinner. Sparrow laughs and tells her that the food should be ready shortly.

Marriage Question

Brynn wants to know why haven't Amber and Cole gotten married yet. Amber says she teases Cole about marriage but the truth is that marriage is not important to either of them. They are already devoted to each other and it is enough. Amber believes marriage would be nice someday though. Brynn thinks that Amber and Cole are adorable and wants them to stay together forever. Amber replies saying that Cole is the only person whom she wants to fall asleep next to forever.