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Role Florist
Workplace Sunflower Farm
Home Sunflower Farm
Family Bloom
Favourite Apple Tea Cake
Likes Chewy Chocolate Cookies
Eloquent Iris
Hot Spiced Milk
Hates Wild Mushroom

Annabelle (or just "Anna") works at the local farm, watering and arranging all sorts of crops and flowers. She is reserved, polite, and introverted — someone who tends to prefer quiet evenings over noisy, active nights. Annabelle enjoys both reading and writing, and loves the peaceful, poetic nature of Sugar Blossom.


Monday, Thursday, Sunday
6 AM - 11 AM Sunflower Farm
12 PM - 6 PM Breezy Meadow, around bridge
7 PM - 10 PM West Village, on bench

*Note : On rainy normal days, she is at her house *Note: On rainy Sundays, she is at the Meadow Gallery starting from 12 PM

9 AM - 6 PM Sunflower Farm, upstairs in the shop
6 AM - 10 AM Sunflower Farm
11 AM - 6PM Breezy Meadow, around bridge
7 PM - 10 PM West Village, on bench     
6 AM - 11 AM Sunflower Farm, roadway
12 AM - 8 PM Fisherman's Spring, under tree     
6 AM - 11 AM Sunflower Farm, roadway
11 AM - 8 PM Fisherman's Spring, under tree                           

On rainy days she'll be in Meadow Gallery from 10 AM.


Caring Family

  • Days: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
  • Time: 9-10 AM
  • Location: Inside Sunflower Farm Shop
  • Participants: Annabelle, Violet
Violet thanked Anna for watching Bloom the other day. Anna says that Bloom doesn't need someone holding his hand because he's not a little kid anymore and she thinks that Bloom is more responsible than Violet. Violet agrees with Anna and asked when did she becomes so wise. Anna says that it's because Violet is her role model. Violet thinks that Anna just want something from her by saying that. Anna then replies that she needs a couple days off next week.

Anna's Letter

  • Days: Any day
  • Time: 6 AM - 10 PM
  • Location: Barley and Petal's House
  • Participants: Player - activated
  • Prerequisites: Anna's confession, 4th heart.
Going into Barley and Petal's House after the prerequisites are met, the player will see a letter on the table addressed to Petal from Annabelle. It contains Annabelle's advice on the heather plant, as well as a proposition to trade farming secrets with Petal throughout the summer.

Anna's Worry

  • Days: Thursday (possibly needs to be rainy)
  • Time: 9 AM - 11 AM
  • Location: Inside Sunflower Farm Shop
  • Participants: Anna, Violet
  • Prerequisites: Full, or at least six, hearts on Anna
Anna asks Violet a question about her father: "did her father ever want to move to Sugar Blossom after the divorce, in order to be closer to his kids?" Violet answers that because their father loves them, he's willing to let them go. Anna replies by saying, as she gets older, it's harder to think about leaving her family. Violet says that this is normal--they're stuck together after all ("they're" being Bloom, Violet, Anna, and the player). Anna says it's for the better, but Bloom could be a pain sometimes. Violet smiles and tells Anna that Bloom wouldn't be her little brother otherwise.


  • Anna and Hailey are childhood friends. Their relationship now, however, is tenuous.
  • Anna was supposed to write a book one year prior to the events in the game.
  • Like her mother, she is scared of lightning