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Aroma Bakery
Inside the bakery with Sparrow.


West Village


11 am - 5 pm, closed Mondays






Ingredients and prepared dishes

Aroma bakery
The local bakery is always smelling of fresh bread and sweets. Cooking ingredients can be purchased here, as well as seasonal dishes and tasty treats to be eaten or given as gifts.

The Aroma Bakery is located in West Village, adjacent to the Midnight Tavern. Sparrow owns and lives in the bakery. His sister Siloh, once she returns to the village, will also live and work here.

Inside there are a couple tables and a counter covered with cooking supplies. Talking to the cashier allows you to purchase ingredients or cooked dishes, or work a shift at the counter. Behind the counter is a door marked employees only and a staircase leading to Sparrow (and eventually Siloh's) living area.

Villagers often hang out in here, especially on rainy days. This is also the only place where you can obtain cheese, bread, sugar, vegetable oil, and butter, so it would be prudent for a cook to come here often to stock up.

Part-time Work Schedule Edit

You are able to work part-time here if the store is open and Sparrow is behind the counter. Your shift will end at 5 pm and you will earn 𐍈25 for each hour you work here. A maximum of 𐍈150 can be obtained.

Sparrow is the only one ever behind the counter before Siloh moves in, allowing you to work here all week. Once Siloh moves in, Sparrow will not be working behind the counter on Wednesdays.

Items for PurchaseEdit


Name Cost
Tasty Milk 40
Fresh Egg 30
Sun Cheese 35
Wholemeal Flour 50
Wheat Bread 65
Culinary Sugar 25
Vegetable Oil 18
Cultured Butter 20

Prepared Dishes

Name Cost Season
Plain Cake 215 Year-round
Savory Dumplings 198 Year-round
Breaded Pudding 200 Year-round
Chewy Chocolate Cookies 225 Year-round
Breakfast Muffins 130 Spring
Berry Crisp 275 Spring
Festive Fruitcake 295 Summer
Breakfast Muffins 130 Summer
Apple Tea Cake 302 Autumn
Ol' Pumpkin Pie 210 Autumn
Eggnog Banana Bread 242 Winter

Home Decor

Name Cost
Cardinal Runner 250