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The Ashen Fox appears in the Backwoods on Wednesdays. It will speak if you have equipped the Ashen Mask (which can be purchased from Paxel's Stall in the Midnight Tavern), and tracks the progress of your Marks Journal. Useful advice and a reward is given for every fifth Mark achieved. 

Spoilers Edit

Ashen Fox Rewards
Mark #5 - Advice on Marriage Candidates & Favourite Dish.
Mark #10 - Advice on Conserving Endurance & Eden Fruit.
Mark #15 - Advice on Conserving Endurance & Storm Jacket.
Mark #20 - Triptic Fireplace.
Mark #25 - Advice on luck/chance & Ashen Fox's Luck (permanent luck boost).
Mark #30 - Rainfall device that automatically waters crops.