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Canine Carnival

Autumn Market

Harvest Festival

Twilight Hayride

Farming Edit

Seeds are sold at Sunflower Farm.

Name Description Price Growth Time
Wheat Seeds Woven satchel full of Caramel Wheat seeds. To be planted year-round. 10C 9 Days
Onion Seeds Woven satchel full of Bulb Onion seeds. To be planted in Autumn. 15C 5 Days
Carrot Seeds Woven satchel full of Raw Carrot seeds. To be planted in Autumn. 18C 6 Days
Pumpkin Seeds Woven satchel full of Giant Pumpkin seeds. To be planted in Autumn. 16C 7 Days

Foraging Edit

Wild fruits, flowers and other consumables can be harvested all over Sugar Blossom.

Name Description Shipping Price Location
Sunburst Cotton Fragrant flower that seems to shimmer in the sunlight. Grows naturally year-round. 14C
Lambent Lily Flowering bulb reflecting a pale amber hue. Grows naturally in Autumn. ??C West village: Near the bakery by the road.
Autumn Crocus Radiant light-blue flower with a warm, subtle scent. Grows naturally in Autumn. ??C Willow Creek: Near the entrance to your farm.
Crispin Apple Tart green fruit mainly used in the kitchen. Wild Autumn harvest. ??C

Willow Creek: Under large tree south of Benjamin's Craftshop.

Sunflower Farm: Near well.

Spiral Seashell Twinkling, sand-covered seashell shaped like a rolling helix. Hear the ocean waves inside. 20C Beach.
Wild Mushroom Edible fruiting fungus poking out from the grass. Wild year-round harvest. 10C Backwoods by one of the big trees.
Organic Greens Tough green plant used in cooking for dietary fiber. Wild year-round harvest. 13C
Tropical Mango Fragrant ocean treat with a natural taste and texture. Wild Autumn harvest. ??C Beach.
Red Delicious Shiny red apple freshly fallen from a nearby branch. Wild Autumn harvest. ??C Under tree next to your house.