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The Banded Amberjack is a legendary fish that is needed for an entry in your Marks Journal.

Talk to Wake on a stormy day in Autumn or Winter (either a thunderstorm or a snowstorm will do). He will be reminded of the legend of the Banded Amberjack and assumes that it swims into an underground cave in this sort of weather. Unfortunately, he does not remember more, but he suggests you should talk to Fable for more information.

When you talk to her about the fish, she says that it is attracted by sweet scents and shiny things. The hint, contained within this conversation, is that you'll need a fragrant plant (Frosted Lavender, brush heather, or autumn crocus) and a diamond in your inventory. Even with these items, however, you'll need to be extremely lucky to catch the Banded Amberjack. To increase luck, toss a coin in the fountain in East Village or use the Ashen Fox's luck.

Once you're prepared, go to Level 5 of the Gemstone Quarry on a stormy day. You should find a new fishing spot there. You need to use Sinker Drops or it won't work. The Banded Amberjack should appear immediately; it is large and moves slowly. When you catch it, Wake arrives, congratulating you on your catch, and suggests you set the legendary being free.