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Benjamin's Craftshop


Willow Creek


10 am - 8 pm, closed Saturdays.






Various crafts

"Your one stop shop for custom features and furniture!"

A craftsman's shop run by Benjamin and his nephew Hunter. The two live here with their pet cat, Boots.

Inside the counters are stocked with merchandise, and you can talk to the person at the main counter. To buy objects simply interact with any item with a red tag on it. Behind the counter is a work area where Benjamin often is, especially if Hunter's inside. There's also a door marked employees only and a staircase leading to Benjamin and Hunter's living area.

Part-time Work Schedule Edit

You can work part-time here if it is after 12pm and Benjamin is behind the counter.

Hunter runs the counter on Tuesdays, Benjamin's break days, and, usually, after 4 pm. He also runs the counter on rainy and stormy days. He does not run the counter at all on Thursdays, which are his break days.

Pickaxe Upgrade Edit

If you have mined enough rocks and Benjamin is behind the counter, you can ask him to upgrade your pickaxe for a price. Better pickaxes break rocks faster. You start out with an iron pickaxe, given to you by Demetri when you first enter the cave.

House Upgrade Edit

In Summer, after you've given him some Fried Potatoes, Benjamin will stop by your house in the morning to let you know that your house has foundations for two floors and he tells you to come talk to him about this. Upon going into Benjamin's Craftshop, make sure Benjamin is the one at the counter and inquire about the house upgrade. It will be available for 1000g. The next morning Benjamin will be outside your house working on the upgrade and it will finish in 2-3 days.

Barn Upgrade Edit

After he's finished the house upgrade, if you have a full barn Benjamin will stop by again to offer a barn upgrade. This costs another 1000g and will be done in 2-3 days, just like the house upgrade. This upgrade lets you purchase an additional 2 cows and 1 chicken.

Iron Pickaxe Steel Pickaxe Silver Pickaxe
Mining Speed 4 3 2
Rocks Broken - 250 500
Upgrade Cost - 250g 350g

Items for SaleEdit

Item Name Cost Description
Blue Doggy Dish 180 That is a great touch to your house if you like that color. Your pup should love it too.
Glass Bottle 350 You can find all kinds of mixin' ingredients around Sugar Blossom, but you'll need a Glass Bottle like that one to collect 'em.
Woodcarving Kit 280 You can use the kit to carve onto signs like the one outside your home.
Bristly Brush 350 The brush is for your livestock. They'll love the feel of the bristles!
Cream Carpet 500 That carpet? Benjamin made that with his own hands, you know. It would look great over your floor!
Cobalt Carpet 560 That carpet you're looking at was handmade by Benjamin himself! It's a pretty decent price for a full-sized rug.

Item Name Cost Description
Blue Doggy Dish 180 I made that dish for Boots, but that darn cat will only eat from her favorite purple bowl. Your own pet should like it just fine.
Glass Bottle 350 Use that to collect ingredients and keep 'em for later. Careful not to drop it, though.
Woodcarving Kit 280 You can adjust what's written on signs with that. Use it to change the name of your farm.
Bristly Brush 350 Zachary over at the ranch helped me design that... your cows'n'horses will love the attention.
Cream Carpet 500 Got your eye on that carpet? It's not a bad price for comfort in your own home.
Cobalt Carpet 560 You're interested in that carpet? It's a fine fabric and a generous price... A good deal, especially if you like the color.