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Bloom new


Role Farm Hand
Workplace Sunflower Farm
Home Sunflower Farm
Family Annabelle
Favourite Chewy Chocolate Cookies
Likes Cacao Chocolate
Culinary Sugar
Water Sundew
Hates Unknown

Bloom is the youngest villager in Sugar Blossom and has a habit of making mischief around town. He has a wicked sweet tooth, and his infectious smile endears him to all the local townsfolk. He does the majority of the outdoor work at Sunflower Farm, treating mundane farming as a game and getting impressive amounts of work done every day.


Monday - Friday
6 AM - 3 PM Sunflower Farm, in the field
Thursday, Friday
5 PM - 8 PM Willow Creek, by the road to Breezy Meadow


Bloom's Letter

  • Days: Any day
  • Time: Opening - Closing of Clinic
  • Location: Wild Rose Clinic
  • Participants: Player - Activated
  • Prerequisites: 3 ribbons on Bloom (possibly 2 hearts/ribbons on Liam)
Upon meeting the prerequisites and entering the Clinic, the player will see a letter addressed to Liam from Bloom. It contains an apology from Bloom, as he tricked Liam into giving him a check-up, thus a chocolate bar, when he's actually pretty healthy. It is implied that Bloom's mom made him write the letter.