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Breezy Meadow
Breezy meadow
Breezy Meadow on the village map.


- Amber and Cole
- Senah
- Logan
- Seth

Points of Interest

- Maple Shrine
- Meadow Gallery
- Fishing Pond

Breezy Meadow is located north of West Village, west of Willow Creek, south of Sunflower Farm, and east of Honey Bray Pasture. It is a central location in Sugar Blossom Village and likely the largest tile on the map. It contains the Meadow Gallery and Maple Shrine, as well as the homes of Logan and Senah.

Overview Edit

Entering from Willow Creek, Senah's house rests a short walk below the path, with a fishing pond adjacent to it. The Maple Shrine is on the other side of the path, surrounded by cliffs and accessible by a bridge crossing the stream. Noah and Emma's graves are beside it. Down the main road the path splits in four directions. The north one leads to Logan's house and Sunflower Farm, as well as another entrance to the Maple Shrine. The west one leads to Honey Bray Pasture, and the southern one leads to the Meadow Gallery.

Other characters frequently take walks or sit on benches around here, especially on evenings and weekends.