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Cole new


Role Musician
Workplace Meadow Gallery
Home Breezy Meadow
Family Amber
Favourite Smoky Deviled Eggs
Likes Northern Brew
Red Delicious
Water Sundew
Hates Bluebottle Flower

Cole is an easy-going musician from the north who moved to Sugar Blossom several years ago with his girlfriend Amber. He sees the quiet town as a perfect source of artistic inspiration, and loves taking walks through the woods to spark ideas for songs. He sells his music discs at the nearby Meadow Gallery.


Monday, Thursday
6 AM - 10 AM Breezy Meadow, at the pond
1PM - 6 PM Backwoods
6 PM - 10 PM Oceanfront, by the table
6 AM - 5 PM East Village, LockBall Court           
6 AM - 1 PM On the bridge in Fisherman's Spring
Friday, Saturday
6 AM - 10 AM Breezy Meadow, at the pond
11 AM - 9 PM Meadow Gallery                                
6 AM - 10 AM Breezy Meadow, at the pond
6 PM - 10 PM Oceanfront, by the table


What We're Best At

Demetri is admiring all of the painting Amber's done. Cole agrees that they're amazing and says they're better than anything he can do. Demetri says he would've thought Cole, being the creative person he is, would have picked up on drawing easily. Cole wishes but the best he can do is stick figures. How good you are at drawing all depends on how much you're willing to practice. Demetri supposes it's like any other craft that way: Amber has her painting, Cole has his music, Benjamin has crafting. Cole compliments Demetri's festival-planning skill. Demetri wasn't fishing for compliments, but he's happy all the same. He wants Cole to make sure Amber knows he didn't buy her painting just because Cole buttered him up.

Other Edit

  • Despite the fact that the village primer mistakenly lists his favorite food as Sweet 'n' Sour Shrimp, his favorite food is actually Smokey Deviled Eggs.