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Dusk Hoppers are glowing bugs that appear during evening hours from 6pm to 8:50pm.
Catching Dusk Hoppers is a goal in the Collector's Account. To catch a Dusk Hopper, go up to it and tap [spacebar]. It can take several attempts as a Dusk Hopper bounces around quickly. Dusk Hoppers already caught will not appear again in the same location.

There is a special reward and a Marks Journal achievement for catching all 28 Dusk Hoppers.

Reward (Spoilers)
After all of the 28 dusk hoppers have been collected, a few days later, three dusk hoppers will appear in front of your house and credit you with a Dusk Vessel. A Dusk Vessel is a small jar of twinkling Dusk Hopper light. Create and warp to dusk points around town.
Dusk Hopper Locations
Day 1 - Backwoods: Middle
Day 2 - Breezy Meadow: In front of Meadow Gallery
Day 3 - Primrose Plaza: Right of Town Hall
Day 4 - Willow Creek: Under tree south of Ben's Craftshop
Day 5 - West Village: Bottom right corner
Day 6 - Sunflower Farm: Bottom right corner
Day 7 - Oceanfront: Beach left side
Day 8 - East Village: Top right corner of LockBall field
Day 9 - Honey Bray Pasture: Left of LockBall field
Day 10 - Fisherman's Spring: Hot Spring
Day 11 - Breezy Meadow: In front of Logan's House
Day 12 - West Village: Middle green area
Day 13 - Sunflower Farm: Top right corner
Day 14 - Willow Creek: Left of Ben's Craftshop
Day 15 - Backwoods: Top left corner
Day 16 - Primrose Plaza: Bottom right corner
Day 17 - West Village: Bottom left corner
Day 18 - Fisherman's Spring: Left of Bait n'Rod
Day 19 - Oceanfront: Right side near picnic table
Day 20 - Sunflower Farm: Entrance to Bloom's field
Day 21 - East Village: Fountain
Day 22 - Backwoods: Top right corner
Day 23 - Honey Bray Pasture: Bottom right corner of LockBall field
Day 24 - Oceanfront: Under stray cat's tree
Day 25 - Primrose Plaza: In front of Town Hall
Day 26 - Breezy Meadow: Left of Senah's House
Day 27 - Willow Creek: Near your house and by right riverside.
Day 28 - East Village: Above LockBall field