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Fable new


Role Librarian
Workplace Eyeglass Library
Home East Village
Favourite Eggnog Banana Bread
Likes Herbal Tea
Hot Spiced Milk
Red Delicious
Hates Unknown

Fable is a gracious young villager who loves books and stories of all kinds. She returns to Sugar Blossom to run the Eyeglass Library in East Village after you have gained the support of Ardith. She is happy to share her vast knowledge on everything from local history to traditional songs and fairytales. In fact, she can often go off on long, impassioned tangents without realizing she's doing it.


9 AM - 5 PM Eyeglass Library
8 PM - 10 PM East Village, in front of Eyeglass Library
9 AM - ?? Breezy Meadow, at the table
?? - 8 PM East Village, in front of Eyeglass Library

If it's raining she'll spend the morning in Maple Shrine, instead.

9 AM - ? Maple Shrine
?? - 6 PM Primrose Plaza, on the bench
7 PM - 10 PM East Village, right of Barley and Petal's house