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Farming is a major feature of World's Dawn, as with all farming sims. You can plant various seeds on the hillside plot up the stairs near your home and/or buy animals that will live in your barn and produce milk and eggs.

Crops Edit

Growing Plants

Plants take two or three days of watering to sprout.

Growing and harvesting crops is a good way to make a solid profit, but more importantly, many of the fruits and vegetables you can grow are required for cooking different recipes. While crops also replenish energy, the various dishes you can make replenish much more.

Crops are seasonal, with certain seeds only able to be bought and planted in certain seasons. Another reason to keep a portion of your harvest.

You will notice that each crop has a growth time or time to harvest. It works well to plant fast growing crops at the beginning and end of each season to maximize profits.

Plant crops as soon as you can each season. You can purchase seeds for planting from Violet at the Sunflower Farm Shop. On your first visit to the farm, she will give you a Watering Can. You can upgrade your Watering Can here later. Upgrades become available depending on how many crops you have shipped and allow your watering can to hold more water.

You can plant crops by selecting seeds from Goods in your knapsack and then use the [spacebar] or Z while standing on the soil. You have two plots, and you can plant four rows of five plants in each one, giving you a grand total of 40 crop spaces.

Once the seeds are planted you need to moisten them with your Watering Can. You will need to do this once a day, every day that it does not rain, for your crops to grow. The can can be filled up by equipping it and interacting with the well next to your plots.

When you water the seeds the second time after planting they will become small green plants. Keep it up and one day when you water you will jump back in surprise at what suddenly pops up! Harvest your crops using the [spacebar] or Z and immediately plant more.

You can sell your crops by shipping them using the crate near your house. Some crops have a higher profit than others.

All that planting, watering and harvesting takes a lot of [EN], especially on hot days, so make sure you plan and keep it replenished.

Characters in World's Dawn have a preference for certain fruits and vegetables as gifts, another reason to hang onto some of your harvest.

Any seasonal crops in the ground at the end of a season will vanish when the new season begins, so plan your planting well. Don't plant anything that you won't be able to harvest in time. Also all food items in your knapsack at the end of each season will vanish unless you have bought a Kitchen Icebox at Mono's General Shop.

NOTE: You can't actually put anything in the Icebox. It's present in your house to prevent seasonal crops from disappearing from your knapsack.

  • When you have planted, harvested, and shipped at least three different types of crops, the Feral Shade Jade will come to you in a dream and promise to bestow her favor on you if you ship # more types of crops, for a total of seven. When you have done this, she will come to you again and give you her favor. A day or two later, Sparrow's sister Siloh will come back to the village.
  • Shipping a total of one hundred crops will give you the mark "A New Harvest"

In all following tables, days to grow are counted excluding the day the crop is planted. For example, a crop with a 4 day growth period that is planted on day 1 can be harvested on day 5 (provided it was watered every day).

Year-round Crops Edit

Image Crop Seed Price Sell Price Profit per day Days to Grow
Caramelwheat crop Caramel Wheat 10c 38c 3.5 (5 if ground to Flour) 8 days

Caramel wheat can be ground into Wholemeal Flour using the stone mill in your barn.

Spring Crops Edit

Image Crop Seed Price Sell Price Profit per day Days to Grow
Strawberry crop Garden Strawberries 16c 42c 6.5 4 days
Potato crop White Potato 18c 46c 5.6 5 days
Cabbage crop Drumhead Cabbage 15c 44c 4.83 6 days

Summer Crops Edit

Image Crop Seed Price Sell Price Profit per day Days to Grow
Tomato crop Juicy Tomato 15 40 6.25 4 days
Corn crop Cobbed Corn 18 44 5.2 5 days
Melon crop Moon Melon 16c 46c 5 6 days

Autumn Crops Edit

Image Crop Seed Price Sell Price Profit per day Days to Grow
Onion crop Bulb Onion 15c 40c 6.25 4 days
Carrot crop Raw Carrot 18c 38c 4 5 days
Pumpkin crop Giant Pumpkin 16c 45c 4.83 6 days

Livestock Edit

Empty Barnyard

Your barnyard starts out empty.

Another aspect of your farm is the barn and its animals. You have room for 1 horse, 2 cows, and 4 chickens.

After you have purchased a second floor for your house from Benjamin, he will come by again to offer a barn upgrade. This costs 1000 coins and will provide room for a total of 1 horse, 4 cows, and 5 chickens (so 2 extra cows and 1 extra chicken).

Animals are expensive and a long-term investment, but the eggs and milk they produce are plentiful and sell for a good number of coins. They can also be used in recipes or given to friends.

Chickens, cows, and horses can all be purchased at Honey Bray Pasture, as well as chicken feed, fodder, and medicine. A horse cannot be purchased until your character participates in the Silver Stallion Dash and collect ten or more apples. Marian will then comment that you are a capable rider and that she would be happy to sell you a horse in the future.

All animals have a mood. They will start with a contented mood and will need to be taken care of for some time before their mood will improve to happy. Happy animals will produce 1 egg/milk, and animals that have been happy for a while will produce 2 eggs/milk.

Mood can be sustained by feeding animals daily, and can be improved by letting animals outside to graze on sunny days. For cows mood can also be improved by brushing them (see below). Interacting with the bell near the door will allow you to let livestock out and in. Animals should be let inside at night as well, especially if the weather channel predicts rain the next day. Livestock that are left out in the rain, or are not fed, may get sick or become unhappy.

Chickens Edit

Chickens cost 1020c each, and your barnyard can hold up to four chickens. They can be fed by filling the large trough near the door with chicken feed, which costs 5c a serving. Chickens will wander around the barnyard and pasture and cluck.

Talking to a chicken will give you a good indication of their mood. Content chickens "look fairly happy" and produce a "..." emoticon when spoken to, and happy chickens "are happy and healthy" and produce a heart emoticon when spoken to.

In order to collect eggs from a happy and healthy chicken, simply walk over them to pick them up. A chicken that has been happy for about a week will produce two eggs per day.

Cows Edit

Cows cost 1450c each, and your barnyard has two stalls for cows. Each stall has a feed trough that can be filled with barn fodder, which costs 8c a serving. Cows will stand in their stall/pasture, mooing occasionally.

Content cows "look fairly content" and produce a "..." emoticon when spoken to. Happy cows "are in a great mood today" and produce a heart emoticon when spoken to. Cows can also be brushed if you have purchased a Bristle Brush from Benjamin's Craftshop. Daily brushing will cause a newly purchased cow to start producing milk more quickly.

The first morning after you purchase your cow that does not have a festival reminder, Marian will come by your farm and give you a Milking Pail. You can use this on cows in a great mood to receive milk. A cow that has been happy for a week or two will produce two milk a day.

Horses Edit

A horse costs 2000c, and your barnyard has one horse stall. It has a feed trough that can be filled with barn fodder. Your horse will stand in its stall/pasture and will only neigh when spoken to.

A content horse "looks pretty happy" and produces a "..." emoticon when spoken to. It is unknown if mood affects horses, since they do not produce anything.

Whistle for your horse by pressing the S key. Your sprite will then be replaced by your horse's sprite and you will be able to go as fast as if you were sprinting without using any energy. However, you cannot talk to villagers, harvest wild crops, or (obviously) go in buildings while mounted. You can dismount by pressing S again. Horses are very useful for traveling quickly while preserving valuable energy.

Purchasing any animal will give you the Mark "Budding Rancher." Filling your barnyard to maximum capacity (four chickens, two cows, one horse) will give you the Mark "Cozy Barnyard."