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Warning: The very nature of this page means that it contains spoilers. Be careful!

The Feral Shades are the protectors of Sugar Blossom Village. They are special spirits that have both animal and human forms. Each of the shades represents a specific virtue. The main character's job is to awaken the spirits and gain their support in order to restore the village and island to prosperity.

Lore Edit

Noah was able to bridge the distance between these powerful spirits and the rest of the villagers. He proved himself worthy in the eyes of the spirits by adhering to the virtues that they represent.

When he and his wife Emma passed away, the connection between the shades and the village was severed. The shades returned to a dormant state and the island has been suffering ever since. Several townspeople were forced to leave their homes behind.

The Feral Shades Edit

Each of the shades has her own animal form and virtue. For example, Ivana embodies generosity. In order to awaken and win the support of each of the shades, the player must meet a set of requirements.

Below is a list of the shades and how to gain their support.

Shade Animal Form Virtue Awakening Requirement Support Requirement Result
Khloe Brown Bear Perseverance Complete first season Complete one year
Ivana Rabbit Generosity Donate any amount of money to the Town Hall.(Most people received this quest after donating 1000c) A total donation of 2,500 coins to the Town Hall Wake and River return
Ardith Pink Butterfly Friendship Three villagers with relationship level at 3 ribbons/hearts Ten or more villagers with relationship level at 3 ribbons/hearts Fable returns
Freya Bluebird True Love Accepted confession from a marriage candidate (confession requires at least 4 hearts) Marry your chosen marriage candidate Bellatrix and Ellie return
Jade Snake Respect for Nature Ship 3-5 different crops Ship a total of 7 or more kinds of crops Siloh returns

Ardith, Freya, and Jade will not wake up until Ivana has. You must wake Ivana up first, then you can get the awoken and support dreams for the other Shades.

The priority order for the Shades is Khloe > Ivana > Freya > Ardith > Jade. So even if you have already met Jade's requirements for support at the start of Summer, if you've met the awaken requirements for Ardith and/or Freya those dreams will still happen first before Jade can wake up.

It is not possible to awaken a Shade and gain their support at the same time. Even if you have already met Ivana, Jade, or Ardith's requirements for support, you will get their awoken dream first and they will ask for 1 more coin/crop/friendship. You do not need to meet this "extra" requirement, simply wait patiently and you will get the support dream eventually.