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Glass Bottle
Glass bottle
Type Goods
Use Collects Ingredients
Source Benjamin's Craftshop
Paxel's Stall
Sage Glop
Silver Stallion Dash
Spring Market
TV Program
Cost to buy 320 ~ 350

Description Edit

Glass Bottles are used to collect mixing ingredients found at various locations around the town. A minimum of two filled Glass Bottles is required to be able to use the Power Blender to mix concoctions. Recipes and ingredient locations can be found on the Mixture Recipes page.

Sources Edit

  • Benjamin's Craftshop sells this item for 350 coins.
  • Brynn will give you this item for the Piping Stew quest.
  • You can dig one up.
  • Paxel sells this item for 320 coins.
  • It is a Sage Glop reward.
  • Purchase with ten apples at the Silver Stallion Dash.
  • Cole sells this item at the Spring Market for 340 coins.
  • A bottle may be bought from Saturday's Home Shopping Program for 350 coins.