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"Visit Honey Bray Pasture for all of your ranching needs...Just follow the path!"

Honey Bray Pasture
The barn on an autumn afternoon.


- Marian, Zachary, and Hailey.

Points of Interest

- Pasture Shop

Honey Bray Pasture is located west of Breezy Meadow, and is the westernmost location of Sugar Blossom Village. Marian and Zachary live there with their daughter Hailey, as well as their pet dog and many other animals. You can purchase livestock and items at the Pasture Shop.

Overview Edit

As you enter Honey Bray Pasture, you'll see a stream north of you and a small lockball field south of you. Hailey will occasionally be standing there. Various gatherables can be foraged in the area year-round. There is also a well near the bridge that crosses the stream.
Pasture shop

On the other side of the bridge is a small barn with a large pasture just outside it. Three cows, two sheep, and four chickens may be found grazing there on sunny days. You are not allowed to access the barn.

Finally, the pasture shop stands at the end of the path.

Pasture Shop
Inside the shop with Marian during Autumn.


Honey Bray Pasture


8am - 5pm, closed Fridays




Zachary and Hailey


Livestock, feed, medicine

Pasture Shop Edit

"Purchase livestock at the nearby ranch, as well as food and medicine for your birds and beasts. Owners Zachary and Marian are deeply knowledgeable on animal health and behavior."

Inside the shop are several counters and shelving units. You can purchase chicken feed, barn fodder, and animal medicine from the shelves. Make sure to only purchase up to 99 of chicken feed or barn fodder at any time. You can buy more and pay for it, but only 99 will show in your stock, so the rest is wasted. Talking to the cashier, usually Marian, will allow you to purchase livestock or work part-time, conditions permitting. There is a door in the upper-left corner of the shop, presumably the family's living area, but you cannot enter it.

Items for Purchase Edit

Name Cost
Barn Fodder 8
Chicken Feed 5
Animal Medicine 80

Livestock for Purchase Edit

Name Cost
Chicken 1020
Cow 1450
Horse 2000

Part-time Work Criteria Edit

You are able to work a shift as a cashier here if the shop is open and Marian is at the counter.