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Role Apprentice Craftsman
Workplace Benjamin's Craftshop
Home Willow Creek
Family Benjamin
Favourite Supreme Pizza
Likes OrangeLuscious Orange
SpicedrumSpiced Rum
WheatbreadWheat Bread
Hates OrganicgreensOrganic Greens

Hunter is a hard-working young man who acts as apprentice to his uncle Benjamin at their local craftshop in Willow Creek. He harbors boundless enthusiasm and is constantly full of energy and a fiery vigor for life. Hunter gets restless easily when working inside behind the counter, and prefers to be out and active as much as possible.
-Village Primer

Background Edit

Hunter was sent to Sugar Blossom to work with his uncle Benjamin as an apprentice.

Marriage Life Edit

When married, Hunter will usually hang out in the house in the morning, either just standing there, sitting in the table, or pacing back and forth. It will be very common to find that the cat or dog bowl has been filled when you wake up, but it won't always happen. Hunter will often try to help out by filling the cat and food bowl or filling the chicken troughs. If he fills the chicken troughs then he will give a comment about the chickens. He just talks normally if he fed the cat and dog. In evening he will usually pace back and forth outside the house before going in. He still goes off to do his job sometime in the morning.

Schedule Edit

Monday, Wednesday, Sunday
6 AM - 4 PM Willow Creek, outside the Craftshop
4 PM - 8 PM Benjamin's Craftshop
10 AM - 8 PM  Working at Benjamin's Craftshop
10 AM - 5 PM  East Village, LockBall Court    

If it's raining, Hunter will be working at Benjamin's Craftshop all day instead of going to the LockBall Court.

Friday, Saturday
6 AM - 4 PM Willow Creek, outside the Craftshop



  • Days: Mon/Wed
  • Time: 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM
  • Location: Inside Benjamin's Craftshop
  • Participants: Hunter, Benjamin
Benjamin is seen scolding Hunter for not sanding down some wood properly. He's only so hard on Hunter because he knows he can do better and that the people of the village are depending on them. Hunter promises he'll do better next time.

Spice Rack

  • Days: Mon (Raining)
  • Time: 11:00 AM
  • Location: Inside Benjamin's Craftshop
  • Participants: Hunter, Sparrow
Sparrow is at the craftsman shop today. He's looking for a spice rack. Hunter thinks he shouldn't get any old spice rack - it should be custom made with fancy labels and everything. Sparrow wonders if they should ask Benjamin to make it. Hunter is offended! This spice rack is going to be a 100% Hunter-made original. Sparrow asks how much it will cost him. Hunter says he wasn't thinking coin - he was really wondering if the baker could make him that pizza he made for Bloom a while back. Sparrow happily agrees.

Quotes Edit

"My mom sent me here to train with Benjamin as a kid... Sugar Blossom is such a great home, I moved here permanently as soon as I was old enough to decide for myself. "
After Wake and River arrive:
"I've been meaning to spend some more time fishin' lately... Wake and River moving back in next door might be the excuse I needed!"

Trivia Edit

-If you want to confirm him accepting your ask to the dance of the music festival, aim to have 5 marks completed before the music festival. You must also have spoken to the Ashen Fox to obtain his favourite food item, and have gifted him the item the fox gives you (as the fox will ask you which bachelorette/bachelor you're interested in most).