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Role Doctor
Workplace Wild Rose Clinic
Home East Village
Family Madison
Favourite Seaside Sandwich
Likes Crispin Apple
Crunchy Toast
Herbal Tea
Hates Unknown

Liam is a young, brilliant doctor who operates the Wild Rose Clinic and works hard to ensure the health of the local villagers. With the help of his sister-in-law Madison and clinic cat Riku, he keeps his clinic open at all hours of the day and night because of his admirable devotion to helping people. Liam is good-natured and respectful and cares deeply about Sugar Blossom.


Monday, Thursday, Saturday
6 AM - 9 PM Wild Rose Clinic
9 PM - 12 AM Midnight Tavern                       
Tuesday, Wednesday
6 AM - 12 AM Wild Rose Clinic                       


Brother Abroad

Liam is grateful for Madison's help earlier with Quint's bandages, but she doesn't need to work as much as she does. He's there to help people too. Madison laughs and comments on how much alike Liam and Oliver, his brother, are. Liam supposes he can see it then asks how his brother's doing. Madison just picked up a care package from him the other day. She misses him but the goodies help. Liam knows his brother misses her too. Maybe he'll be able to take a leave from the Doctors Abroad program soon. Madison thinks that'd be lovely. Liam insists she can take breaks every now and then. Madison says that's something she can do.


Madison notices that Liam has bags under his eyes. Turns out, Liam is working late at night because Petal is becoming more sickly, and is researching a cure for her. Madison tells Liam not to stress out too much and to take care of himself--which is surely what Petal wants--and that she can help out in his research too. Liam says that sometimes he worries about being the only medical practitioners in town. Madison assures him that he will get the help he needs. Liam says sorry and thanks Madison, telling her that he will sleep early that night.

Romance Edit

You can buy Herbal Tea, which Liam likes, from the clinic itself.

It's important to get close to Madison by working part-time at the clinic and talking to her often.