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Standing in the Lockball Court with Hailey.

Compete against the village's more athletic residents in the frantic sport of LockBall. Win a match to take money off your opponent, but lose and you'll drop some coin yourself. 

When you first visit the LockBall Court located in the lower right corner of East Village, Indigo will be there. He'll give you a LockBall Handbook that tells how to play the sport. He'll also offer to have a practice match with you with no bet placed. There's no prize for winning so feel free just to get used to the game.

How to PlayEdit

Lockball handbook

The LockBall Handbook.

Arrow Keys: Move/Tackle

Space Bar: Shoot/Lock Goal

Matches are played till one of the players reaches 5 points. You score points by kicking the ball into the opposing player's goal. If your opponent is about to score, you can hold the Space Bar down for a chance to lock up your defenses and prevent the shot from going in.

There are three different sports-related stats that you can raise with every game of LockBall played. They are Strength, Trickery, and Junction. Strength is the ability to shoot and tackle harder. Trickery allows you to evade tackles, and Junction lets you lock up more efficiently.

Additionally the Handbook will keep track of your wins and loses.


Normal rounds of LockBall will allow wagers to be placed. Each character has a different maximum bet, from 80 to 150 coins. More difficult characters will generally have a higher maximum bet. If you lose you will give up however much you bet, and if you win you will gain however much you bet.

You can only play a Lockball match if:

  • It is a sunny day.
  • It is before 5 pm.
  • It is not a festival day.
  • Someone is already at the court.
  • You have not already played a game today.
  • You have at least one coin to make a wager.

A match takes an hour to complete.

Opponent Schedule

Opponent Day Maximum Wager
Indigo Monday 120c
Cole Tuesday 100c
Hailey Wednesday 100c
Hunter Thursday 150c
Alexander Sunday 80c
Logan Friday 90c