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Madison new


Role Nurse
Workplace Wild Rose Clinic
Home East Village
Family Liam
Favourite Sliced Carrot Casserole
Likes Brush Heather
Herbal Mix
Organic Greens
Hates Unknown

Madison is an experienced nurse who runs the Wild Rose Clinic along with her brother-in-law Liam and their cat Riku. Although her doctor husband Oliver is away on a long trip helping less fortunate people across the world, she remains devoted to the folks of Sugar Blossom. She is gracious, generous, and friendly to be around.


Monday, Thursday, Saturday
6 AM - 12 AM Wild Rose Clinic
9 AM - 11 AM East Village, on the bench right of Barley and Petal's house.
5 PM - 6 PM Primrose Plaza
6 AM - 5 PM Wild Rose Clinic
10 PM - 12 AM Wild Rose Clinic


Brother Abroad

  • Days: Wednesday or Friday
  • Time: 6:00 PM
  • Location: Inside Wild Rose Clinic
  • Participants: Liam, Madison
Liam is grateful for Madison's help earlier with Quint's bandages, but she doesn't need to work as much as she does. He's there to help people too. Madison laughs and comments on how much alike Liam and Oliver, his brother, are. Liam supposes he can see it then asks how his brother's doing. Madison just picked up a care package from him the other day. She misses him but the goodies help. Liam knows his brother misses her too. Maybe he'll be able to take a leave from the Doctors Abroad program soon. Madison thinks that'd be lovely. Liam insists she can take breaks every now and then. Madison says that's something she can do.