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This Quest follows after you have completed the Mayors Quest to introduce yourself to everyone in town.

Immediately after giving you the Village Primer, he will cough and explain that he has a scratch in his throat. He then goes indoors coughing.


The Mayor has a scratchy throat.

You are then approached by Dimitri who tells you that his mother always makes the Mayor a Stew when he has a cough. He then asks if you would cook up a bowl of Piping Stew for the Mayor. He suggests you talk to Orion at the Midnight Tavern for a help.

When you first talk to Orion and tell him that you need a recipe for Piping Stew you will receive the recipe and the hint that you need something to cook it in. Orion suggests you speak to Mono at the General Shop. You needn't wait for the Midnight Tavern to be open to speak to Orion, after speaking to Dimitri he can be found standing outside the Tavern.

Head straight to Mono and she will give you a Lazy Cooker. Head back to Orion will give you a rundown of the ingredients and tell you that two of the ingredients Raw Carrot and Bulb Onion are not easily available. He suggests that Sparrow at the Aroma Bakery might keep a store these ingredients. He will also tell you that you need to speak to his niece Brynn about the Herbal Mix.

Head to the Bakery and go behind the counter to talk to Sparrow and receive the Raw Carrot and Bulb Onion.

Brynn is often in the Tavern in the evenings, but you if you head straight to the Beach you might find her. She tells you that you need 2x Glass Bottles to collect Evergreen Sap and Crushed Herb and that you mix them with a Power Blender to get Herbal Mix. She adds that you can use the Power Blender at bar in the the Midnight Tavern if you don't have one of your own. She also gives you a Glass Bottle.

The two White Potatoes needed for the recipe can be obtained by buying them from Sunflower Farm.

So ... track down the ingredients ... make the stew ... give it to the Mayor [he's in his house]. Quest complete!

On completing the Quest you record the mark 'Piping Stew'.