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The Misty Music Festival is an event held on Spring 20th at Primrose Plaza. Amber will be by your farm on the day before to tell you all about it. Two villagers dress up as the shepherd and princess of old and perform a traditional dance in front of everyone! This year, the village has chosen you to take part as one of the dancers.


Musicfestival hist
Long ago, war ravaged an enchanted kingdom. Fearing for the safety of his daughter, the king ordered nine soldiers to whisk her away to a distant fortress. But the king was betrayed, for those nine soldiers had been working with the enemy all along. The clever princess quickly uncovered their plan and escaped in the dead of night. Knowing she couldn't run for long, she begged for help from a young shepherd tending his flock nearby. The brave shepherd wasted no time in leading her to the nearby village. It's said that the gods raised a shroud of enchanted mist around the seaside village so that none could find it save those with pure hearts and intentions. The princess and the shepherd remained hidden there for a year while war devastated the surrounding land. Meanwhile, the princess and shepherd fell in love. When the war ended, the shepherd traveled to the castle to ask for the princess's hand in marriage. The king of course couldn't refuse the man who had kept his daughter safe. They lived happily for many years, never forgetting the quiet village where they had fallen in love. Every year they would return to that village and perform a dance of thanksgiving in front of all the townsfolk. That village was Sugar Blossom.

Partners & PracticeEdit

Misty Music Festival
Amber will let you practice the dance before the next day, you just have to find a partner to dance with first. You can choose from any of the eligible bachelors or bachelorettes.

After you've chosen someone, show up at the Meadow Gallery between the hours of 4 PM and 9 PM to begin practice. What follows is a kind of DDR mini-game. You'll have to hit the corresponding arrow keys when the triangles hit the circle. When an exclamation point appears, press spacebar to jump.

The Big DanceEdit

Mmf dance

At 5 PM on the 20th, Amber will come get you to go find your partner and go to the festival. You'll spend a moment talking with Amber and your partner before heading on into the festival. Immediately you'll enter into the mini-game. Do your best! You'll gain affection points with your partner after you're done.

After the dance you'll have time to mingle with the villagers. When you go to leave, you'll have a cute, brief moment with your partner.