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Barley, the town mayor, will visit you on Spring Day 14 or 15 or 17 to ask you to carry on the tradition of Noah's secondhand trading game. He begins by giving you an item to trade. With some knowledge of the townsfolk, you can determine the correct recipient using the clues in the item's description. Once you have traded an item to the correct villager, he or she will return 3 days later to give you the next one to trade on.

Completion of the trade chain will grant an achievement in the Marks Journal.

Trade Chain Spoilers
Trade Item Give to
1 Dusty Novel
Ancient novel about a family of carpenters.
A trade gift from Barley.
2 Wooden Horse
Toy horse crafted from sturdy, smooth wood.
A trade gift from Benjamin.
3 Dried Sunflower
Yellow flower dried and pressed into shape.
A trade gift from Bloom.
4 Tackle Box
Old fishing tackle in a nice compact chest.
A trade gift from Petal.
5 Traveler's Pin
Tiny lapel pin marked with the symbol of safe travel.
A trade gift from Senah.
6 Fine Paintbrush
Fancy artist's brush with fine, delicate bristles.
A trade gift from Paxel.
7 Crystal Glass
Twinkling crystal wine glass for formal occasions.
A trade gift from Amber.
8 Rainbow Feather
Colorful feather plucked from an exotic bird.
A trade gift from Orion.
9 Clinking Bangles
Light twin bangles that sparkle with a golden sheen.
A trade gift from Violet.
10 Red Ribbon
Elegant silk ribbon in a bold crimson color.
A trade gift from Mono.
Completion reward is Noah's Necklet.