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The Ocean Festival is an event held on Summer 4th at the Oceanfront. Demetri will visit the player's home in the morning prior to this event. He will remind the player about the Ocean Festival that will be hosted the following day. You'll be given the option of participating in the swimming contest held during the festival.

The festival begins at 6:00 AM and continues throughout the day until 9:00 PM.

Stalls Edit

Indigo will be selling the following drinks at a stall on the beach:
Bauble Fizz - 27 Coins
Northern Brew - 38 Coins
Spiced Rum - 35 Coins
Candy Juice - 28 Coins

Swimming Competition Edit

To begin the race, speak to Demetri. The player will be competiting against other villages in a swimming competition. Demetri will explain the rules and controls.

The participants are to swim in a straight line towards the finish line.

Beach balls are presented as obstacles in the water - if the player does not dodge the beach balls, the player will be set back a few seconds before they are able to swim again.

An energy gauge is presented at the top of the game screen where the player is given the option to swim faster at the cost of one energy ball per boost. They will regenerate very slowly.

Controls Edit

The player has the ability to perform the following during the swimming competition:

  • Dodging - Press space bar to swim underneath the beach balls. Trigger this key a little earlier to avoid swimming into the beach balls.
  • Swimming Boost - Press Z or the Down arrow to swim faster at the expense of energy. Swim normally to regain energy.

Prizes Edit

If the player wins the race, they'll be presented with an Eden Fruit