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Orion new


Role Innkeeper
Workplace Midnight Tavern
Home West Village
Family Brynn
Favourite Spicy Winter Chili
Likes TastymilkHot Spiced Milk
SpicedrumSpiced Rum
SuncheeseSun Cheese
Hates Unknown

Orion owns and operates the Midnight Tavern, a mix between a social pub and a cozy inn for special visitors like Paxel. He is a straightforward man who works hard to keep his business running smoothly; however, he knows when to loosen up and always ensures the tavern is a fun, comfortable place to relax after work.


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
6 AM - 1 PM West Village, outside Midnight Tavern
2 PM - 12 AM Working at Midnight Tavern

WeatherRainDay Tuesday, Saturday - Aroma Bakery 11 AM - 1 PM.

6 AM - 12 PM West Village, outside Midnight Tavern
2:30 PM - 8 PM Benjamin's Craftshop
Friday - Sunday
11 AM - 1 PM Aroma Bakery                      


The Good Stuff

Orion nearly forgot to tell Indigo about his mother having sent him some fine liquor with clear instructions to share. Indigo says that last part doesn't sound much like his mother and is suspicious that his dad might just be trying to drink some of his gift. Orion insists that it's true and that it was all written down in the letter (that he's misplaced). Indigo is amused and tells him not to embarrass himself. Not to worry, he'll share anyway. The spirit's too good to keep all to himself. Orion appreciates it and tells him not to tell his cousin. 

Heck of a Party

Orion wants to know if Brynn's been able to mix that order of rum he asked for. She did; she didn't have a problem finding the ingredients around town. Orion's relieved and thanks her for being a responsible worker. Brynn is a little embarrassed but says that while she was able to mix the full order, she doesn't have all of it anymore. Maybe half. Orion wants to know what happened to the rest of it. Brynn and Hailey haven't been able to hang out much lately so they made some time the other night and they drank all of that rum. Brynn hopes he's not mad. Orion smiles and says he's more impressed than anything. That must've been quite a party. But he supposes since he's the only parental figure she's got here, he ought to act at least a little mad. Brynn laughs and says that must mean she's suppose to apologize and promise never to do it again. Orion's glad they're a functional family after all and wants to celebrate with a glass of wine.