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Paxel new


Role Merchant
Workplace Midnight Tavern
Favourite Steamed Lobster
Likes Ambrosial Berries
Pollengar Sprinkle
Red Delicious
Hates Unknown

Character DescriptionEdit

Paxel is a wandering merchant from the far north who moves around the world at his own leisure. He has made many dear friends in Sugar Blossom over years of visits, and was the one who guided you into the village for the first time. While he is in town, Paxel sets up a stall at the Midnight Tavern and pawns interesting items from his travels.


During sunny or rainy weather (excluding Sundays and festival days), Paxel can be seen in East Village from 9AM - 2:50PM taking a walk along the left-most path. From 3PM onwards, Paxel is in Midnight Tavern running his stall.

Paxel only stays in Sugar Blossom Village for a short time, departing the morning following the last day.

The days that Paxel is in town are listed in the table below:

Season Visit #1 Visit #2
Spring 2 - 4 18 - 20
Summer 5 - 7 19 - 21
Autumn 7 - 10 18 - 24
Winter 12 - 14 26 - 28

Paxel's StallEdit

Paxel sells a random assortment of rare items picked up from his travels. Buying out his selection will not open up for new items. He only has 3 choices available each time he visits.

Item Buy Qty
Ashen Mask 240c 1
Cacao Chocolate 35c Repeat
Deep Forest parchment 200c 1
Eden Fruit 500c 1
Glass Bottle 320c 1
Green Doggy Dish 215c 1
LockBall 180c 1
Midnight Charcoal parchment 275c 1
Puppy Crunchies 20c Repeat
Sinker Drops 30c Repeat
Stuffed Mushrooms Recipe 100c 1
Sweet N' Sour Shrimp Recipe 120c 1