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Petal new


Role Deputy Mayor
Workplace Town Hall
Home East Village
Family Barley
Favourite Apple Tea Cake
Likes BrushheatherBrush Heather
GreenappleCrispin Apple
HerbalteaHerbal Tea
Hates Unknown

Petal helps her husband Barley manage town affairs and organizes several special festivals throughout the calendar year. She grew up in Sugar Blossom Village many years ago and loves the town as home. The elderly woman is friendly and good-natured, and is always willing to share an entertaining story or a piece of helpful advice.


Monday, Friday, Saturday
9 AM - 5 PM Town Hall
6 PM - 8 PM At home in East Village
8 AM - ?? East Village, on the bench
?? - 5 PM Maple Shrine

If it's raining she'll be in Aroma Bakery from 11-5 instead.

11 AM - 5 PM Aroma Bakery
8 PM - 10 PM East Village, at home

9 AM - 12 PM Maple Shrine
12 PM - 3 PM East Village, on the bench
8 PM - 10 PM East Village, at home
9 AM - ? West Village, in Demetri's house



  • Days: Thurs
  • Time: 4:00 PM
  • Location: Inside Maple Shrine
  • Participants: Petal, Seth
Petal's visiting the Shrine today. Seth wonders if she's been talking with the harvest spirits and if anything's on her mind. Petal is missing Noah and Emma more and more each day. Seth gives a priestly answer, that their friends are sleeping with the spirits now, just as they all will someday. But speaking as a friend, he misses them too. They'll mourn their friends together. Seth says they'll never forget the times they shared and through that they'll live on in Sugar Blossom. Petal thanks Seth for helping her feel better.