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Primrose Plaza
Primrose plaza
The town hall.



Points of Interest

- Town Hall

Primrose Plaza is located east of East Village and is the south-easternmost location of Sunny Blossom Village. The Town Hall is located here and several festivals and the seasonal markets take place here.

Overview Edit

There is a large tiled courtyard taking up most of the square. It is surrounded by fencing and a few benches. Any festivals or markets that take place at Primrose Plaza will be hosted here. There is also a well below the path, and the town hall is at the top of the tile.

Inside the town hall with Demetri.

Town Hall Edit

Located in the main plaza, the Town Hall hosts important events and meetings between the mayor and assorted villagers. Local television features are also broadcast out of the hall.

In the Town Hall one can often find Demetri standing by the desk. Barley and Petal will occasionally sit at the table on the right, especially on rainy days.

It is open every day from 9am to 6pm.

Donations Edit

On the right side of the counter there is a box where you can make a donation of any amount to town hall.

Though it has no immediate effect, donating 500 or more coins (at once or cumulatively) will allow you to meet the Feral Shade Ivana in a dream. She will give you the task to donate 2000 more coins (or less, if you have donated more than 500) to the town hall, promising to bestow her favor on you when you have completed her task.

Once you have donated a total of 2500 or more coins to the town hall, Ivana will visit you again and you will gain her favor. A day or two later, Wake and River will return to the village.

Additionally, donating a total of 1000 or more coins will give you the mark "Beneficence"