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Quint new


Role Sentinel
Home West Village
Favourite Savory Dumplings
Likes Juicy Tomato
Stone Loach
Wild Mushroom
Hates Unknown

"As the town's sentinel and protector, Quint is serious about his responsibility of ensuring the health and safety of his fellow villagers. He doesn't let an old leg injury slow down his daily patrols around town. Although something of a loner, Quint is a reliable and respected member of the local community."
-Village Primer

Marriage Life Edit

Quint goes on his usual patrols around town until 10 o'clock p.m.; at that time, he appears in your house, standing near the pet bowls with Maiya.


Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday
??? - 9 AM West Village (patrolling)
9 AM - 11 AM Breezy Meadow (patrolling)
11 AM - 12 PM Willow Creek (patrolling)
12 PM - 3 PM East Village (patrolling)
3 PM - 7 PM Midnight Tavern
7 PM - 10 PM West Village (standing watch)
10 PM - 12 AM Guard House
Tuesday, Friday, Sunday
1 PM - 4 PM Fisherman's Spring (patrolling)
4 PM -  7 PM Oceanfront (standing watch)
7 PM - 9 PM Fisherman's Spring (patrolling)

Quotes Edit

"For a while after moving to Sugar Blossom, I felt like I didn't fit in... But seasons passed, and I realized it was all in my head. The folks here were never anything but welcoming. "
"The villagers are counting on me to keep them safe... but I can hardly focus on my patrols with your smile so often on my mind..."
After festivals:
"I was glad to see yesterday's festival go smoothly and everyone get home safely afterwards."
After Fable arrives:
"I hope Fable can stay in Sugar Blossom for as long as she wants this time."
After Wake and River arrive:
"I was suspicious of Wake the first time he came to Sugar Blossom all those years ago, but that was shallow of me. He's one of the warmest souls you'll ever meet." 

Trivia Edit

-Quint has never told anyone how he received the scar over his eye. He states that it is best left in the past.

-After progressing your relationship with him, he states that he doesn't know what he'll do when Maiya passes.

-Maiya will greet you with a musical note over her head anytime she is off duty.