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Senah new


Role Postwoman
Workplace Sugar Blossom Postal Service
Home Breezy Meadow
Favourite Seaside Sandwich
Likes Dagger Bream
Darling Grapes
Tasty Milk
Hates Unknown

Senah is the town's devoted postal carrier who makes sure letters and delivery deposits land safely in the right mailboxes. Orphaned from a young age before being welcomed into Sugar Blossom by Barley and Petal, she appreciates life in such a close community. She is always courteous, if somewhat reserved.


Tuesday, Friday
6 AM - 1 AM West Village, Indigo's Mailbox
11 AM - 2 PM Breezy Meadow, Meadow Gallery Mailbox
?? - 12 PM Sunflower Farm, Mailbox
9 AM - 10 AM Primrose Plaza, Town Hall Mailbox
11 AM - 2 PM East Village, Mayor's Estate Mailbox
3 PM - 7 PM Sugar Blossom Postal Service         
9 PM - 11 PM Breezy Meadow, at home
9 AM - 11 PM Maple Shrine                                           
7 AM - ? Breezy Meadow, Home


Missing You

  • Days: Thurs
  • Time: 3:00 PM - ?
  • Location: Inside the Post Office
  • Participants: Senah, Logan
Logan is at the Post Office today. Senah tells him she doesn't have anything for him and wonders if he's looking for a package. Logan tells her no, he only wanted to drop by and say hello. It's been a while since they'd last seen each other. Senah teases him, saying she thought he must be slacking off with a good book. Logan remarks on how she knows better than anyone how important it is to deliver things on time, but he wouldn't mind a good book. Senah tells him that the good folk of Sugar Blossom appreciate him staying out of the books long enough to make his routes every day. Logan smiles and says it sure makes it easier seeing her face along the way and that he hopes that the last few days of not bumping into each other have just been a fluke. Senah says she hopes so too.

Maple Shrine

  • Day: Saturday
  • Time: 5:00/5:30 PM - ?
  • Location: Maple Shrine
  • Participants: Senah, Seth
Seth: Fine day to you, Senah! Have you come to the shrine to thank the harvest spirits?

Senah: I have, abbot. It's been too long since I came here and thanked them for bringing me to Sugar Blossom all those years ago.

Seth: That's wonderful to hear, but Senah... don't think of talking to the harvest spirits as some chore you've an obligation to complete on any certain schedule.

Senah: I shouldn't feel guilty for not visiting...?

Seth: Heavens no! Spending time quieting your mind and listening to the song of the harvest spirits... think of it as a calming respite from the stresses of everyday life.

Seth: It's an activity that can help recenter you... one that can help you take stock of all the wonderful, beautiful things all around that you are often too busy to appreciate.

Seth: If visiting the Maple Shrine and thanking the harveset spirits feels like a chore, the entire point of doing so goes out the window.

Senah: Maybe it's just my personality... I'm someone who likes to cross things off of a to-do list.

Seth: I don't blame you, dear Senah... Your role in this village requires adherence to a strict schedule. You make sure each name on your list is tended to before you call it a day.

Seth: But speaking with the harvest spirits is very different than delivering mail. It is meant to help ease your mind, not clutter it up with more obligations.

Senah: That... that sounds like exactly what I need. Thank you abbot. I'll remember your words the next time I'm feeling overwhelmed.

Seth: Anytime, my dear. And I do mean that!