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Seth new


Role Abbot
Workplace Maple Shrine
Home Breezy Meadow
Favourite Stuffed Mushrooms
Likes Hot Spiced Milk
Moon Melon
Wheat Bread
Hates Unknown

Seth is the kind and gentle abbot of Sugar Blossom Village. He maintains the Maple Shrine as a quiet place for townsfolk to pray and contemplate their connection with the nature spirits. Seth is a long-time friend of the mayor and cares deeply about the village and its many residents.


8 AM - 10 AM Sunflower Farm, in the field
6 AM - 10 AM Maple Shrine
10 AM - 2 PM Breezy Meadow, on the bench in front of Maple Shrine



  • Days: Thurs (Raining?)
  • Time: 4:00 PM
  • Location: Inside Maple Shrine
  • Participants: Petal, Seth
Petal's visiting the Shrine today. Seth wonders if she's been talking with the harvest spirits and if anything's on her mind. Petal is missing Noah and Emma more and more each day. Seth gives a priestly answer, that their friends are sleeping with the spirits now, just as they all will someday. But speaking as a friend, he misses them too. They'll mourn their friends together. Seth says they'll never forget the times they shared and through that they'll live on in Sugar Blossom. Petal thanks Seth for helping her feel better.

Trivia Edit

-Seth enjoys watching Prophecy Quest, and discuss the newest episode with the player.