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Silver Stallion Dash is an event hosted by Marian at Honey Bray Pasture on Spring Day 12. Marian will come by your farm first thing in the morning on Spring 11 to remind you about the event.

The EventEdit


15 Apples are hidden around the town. Control the horse with the cursor keys. You have 5 minutes to find them all. At the end of the race, you can either race again to find more Apples or swap them for prizes.

If you manage to find 10 Apples or more, Marian will believe you have what it takes to own a Horse and will allow you to purchase one from the ranch from then on.

Apples Prize
1 Chicken Feed
2 Barn Fodder
5 Animal Medicine
8 Grandmother Sugar
10 Glass Bottle
12 Eden Fruit

Apple LocationsEdit

Location Spoilers
1 Honey Bray Pasture: Along road to the right of LockBall court
2 Sunflower Farm: Right as you enter map through bushes
3 Sunflower Farm: Top of map on the left
4 Breezy Meadow: Below Logan's house
5 Breezy Meadow: Left of Senah's house under the tree
6 West Village: Bottom of map near the Midnight Tavern
7 East Village: At the Wishing Fountain
8 East Village: Bottom of map left of LockBall court
9 Primrose Plaza: To the left of the Town Hall
10 Primrose Plaza: To the right of the Town Hall
11 Hillside Plot: In the middle of the plot
12 Willow Creek: Left of the Craftshop under the tree
13 Fishermans Spring: Under the tree to the left of the Bait N Rod
14 Backwoods: Top left of the map at the tree
15 Oceanfront: On the Beach 
Ssdash applemap