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Role Cook
Workplace Aroma Bakery
Home West Village
Family Siloh
Favourite Roasted Veggie Salad
Likes Chocolate Cacao Chocolate
SeasonvineigretteSeason Vinaigrette
SpiralseashellSpiral Seashell
Hates Unknown

Sparrow is a talented cook who runs the town bakery in West Village. He is sensitive and soft-spoken, and his fierce devotion to his ill sister shows just how much family and loved ones mean to him.  Sparrow appreciates the quiet independence of kitchen work and is always looking to discover the next great dish.


When Sparrow was young his parents went overseas, only to never return again, leaving him to fend for himself and his ill sister Siloh. He took up cooking shortly after the tragic event as a form of coping and grew emotionally distant from everyone. Sparrow is a pleasant person nonetheless, but he is afraid to let anyone in incase someone he loves gets taken away from him again.

Married Life Edit

Sparrow is quite content with married life, often saying he has more energy and zest for baking. He will gift you Chew Chocolate Cookies on occasion or random items like Ocean Dressing, or Organic Greens. Sparrow will sometimes feed the barn animals in the morning, if he does he will tell you about it in conversation. Sparrow can be found pacing outside of the home in the early morning or evening after he is done his work at the bakery.

Schedule Edit

11 AM - 5 PM Working at Aroma Bakery            
7PM - 10 PM Oceanfront                              
10 AM - 6 PM Benjamin's Craftshop                    
7 PM - 10 PM Oceanfront      
10 PM - 12 AM Midnight Tavern
7 AM - 10 AM West Village, on a bench           
11 AM - 5 PM Working at Aroma Bakery         
7 AM - 10 AM West Village, on a bench
11 AM - 5 PM Working at Aroma Bakery         
6 PM - 12 AM Midnight Tavern
11 AM - 5 PM Working at Aroma Bakery         
11 AM - 5 PM Working at Aroma Bakery         
7 PM - 10 PM Oceanfront
11 AM - 5 PM Working at Aroma Bakery         
6 PM - 12 AM Midnight Tavern               

Events Edit

Dinner Plans

  • Days: Sat
  • Time: 11:00 AM
  • Location: Inside Aroma Bakery
  • Participants: Amber, Sparrow
Amber wants to know if Sparrow could help make one of Cole's favorite seafood dishes. Sparrow would be delighted but there's only one problem: he could have sworn he heard Cole mention just the other day how he hates seafood! Amber seems surprised and begins to ramble about how she would never make up some story just to get out of Cole's boring soup for dinner. Sparrow laughs and tells her that the food should be ready shortly.

Spice Rack

  • Days: Mon (Raining)
  • Time: 11:00 AM
  • Location: Inside Benjamin's Craftshop
  • Participants: Hunter, Sparrow
Sparrow is at the craftsman shop today. He's looking for a spice rack. Hunter thinks he shouldn't get any old spice rack - it should be custom made with fancy labels and everything. Sparrow wonders if they should ask Benjamin to make it. Hunter is offended! This spice rack is going to be a 100% Hunter-made original. Sparrow asks how much it will cost him. Hunter says he wasn't thinking coin - he was really wondering if the baker could make him that pizza he made for Bloom a while back. Sparrow happily agrees.


  • Sparrow and Hunter are childhood friends.
  • He loves to go out in rainy weather.
  • Sparrow wants to have a pet cat, but cannot because Silohs allergic reaction might be terrible.
  • Sparrow is the one responsible for all of the picnic tables around town.