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Spring Market

Silver Stallion Dash

Misty Music Festival

Farming Edit

Crop seeds sold by Sunflower Farm Shop.

Name Description Buy Growth Time
Wheat Seeds Woven satchel full of Caramel Wheat seeds. To be planted year-round. 10C 9 Days
Strawberry Seeds Woven satchel full of Garden Strawberry seeds. To be planted in Spring. 16C 5 Days
Potato Seeds Woven satchel full of White Potato seeds. To be planted in Spring. 18C 6 Days
Cabbage Seeds Woven satchel full of Drumhead Cabbage seeds. To be planted in Spring. 15C 7 Days

Foraging Edit

Wild fruits, flowers and other found in the wild.

Name Description Shipping Price Location
Sunburst Button Fragrant flower that seems to shimmer in the sunlight. Grows naturally year-round. 14C
Ambrosial Berries Unique native drupe bursting with sugary juices. Wild Spring harvest. 20C
Bluebottle Flower Sweet-scented blossom with ocean-blue petals. Grows naturally in Spring. 16C
Red Pye Weed Butterfly wildflower with spirited crimson blooms. Grows naturally in Spring. 25C

Willow Creek: Under large tree south of Benjamin's Craftshop.

Sunflower Farm: Near well.

Spiral Seashell Twinkling, sand-covered seashell shaped like a rolling helix. Hear the ocean waves inside. 20C Beach.
Wild Mushroom Edible fruiting fungus poking out from the grass. Wild year-round harvest. 10C
Organic Greens Tough green plant used in cooking for dietary fiber. Wild year-round harvest. 13C
Ripe Banana Yellow tropical fruit full of delicious nutrients. Wild Spring harvest. 24C Beach.
Darling Grapes Bunch of juicy purple grapes ready for tasting. Wild Spring harvest. 18C Under tree next to your house.