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Events Edit


Ocean Festival

Summer Market

Firelight Festival

LockBall Bash

Farming Edit

Seeds are sold at Sunflower Farm.

Name Description Price Growth Time
Wheat Seeds Woven satchel full of Caramel Wheat seeds. To be planted year-round.  10C 9 Days
Tomato Seeds Woven satchel full of Juicy Tomato seeds. To be planted in Summer.  15C 5 Days
Corn Seeds Woven satchel full of Cobbed Corn seeds. To be planted in Summer.  18C 6 Days
Melon Seeds Woven satchel full of Moon Melon seeds. To be planted in Summer.  16C 7 Days

Foraging Edit

Wild fruits, flowers and other consumables can be harvested all over Sugar Blossom.

Name Description Shipping Price Locations
Sunburst Button Fragrant flower that seems to shimmer in the sunlight. Grows naturally year-round. 14C
Brush Heather Beautiful flowering shrub in a soft shade of pink. Grows naturally in Summer. 20C Left of Benjamin's Craftshop.
Eloquent Iris Symbolic native bloom with pure white petals. Grows naturally in Summer. 18C
Water Sundew Insect-eating perennial that thrives in moist, shady areas. Grows naturally in Summer. 28C

Willow Creek: Under large tree south of Benjamin's Craftshop.

Sunflower Farm: Near well.

Spiral Seashell Twinkling, sand-covered seashell shaped like a rolling helix. Hear the ocean waves inside. 20C Beach.
Wild Mushroom Edible fruiting fungus poking out from the grass. Wild year-round harvest. 10C
Organic Greens Tough green plant used in cooking for dietary fiber. Wild year-round harvest. 13C
Luscious Orange Sweet citrus fruit perfect for hot, sticky afternoons. Wild Summer harvest. 20C Beach.
Mirabelle Plum Tasty purple fruit with a tart waxy coating. 19C Under tree next to your house.