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Sunflower Farm
Sunflower farm
Outside the farm shop in autumn.


- Violet, Annabelle, and Bloom

Points of Interest

- Sunflower Farm Shop
- Fishing Pond

Sunflower Farm is located north of Breezy Meadow and is the northernmost location of Sugar Blossom Village. Violet lives there with her two children Annabelle and Bloom. Seasonal produce and flowers, as well as seeds, can be purchased at the farm store.

Overview Edit


Walking in the upper field with Bloom.

There is a well to the far left as you enter the tile. Just above that is a fishing pond, which is stocked with sunfish. On the other side of the path are two large fields with a fence surrounding them. Bloom can often be found working in the upper field on sunny mornings and afternoons, and Seth will occasionally walk in the lower field. Above those two fields is a third field filled with bushes and flowers.

Across the road is the Sunflower Farm Shop. There are a few tables with flowers on them just outside, where Annabelle works occasionally.

Sunflower Farm Shop Edit

Sunflower Farm Shop
Inside the farm shop with Violet.


Sunflower Farm


9am - 6pm, closed weekends.






Seeds, produce, flowers

"Visit the Sunflower Farm to purchase seeds you'll need to grow healthy crops. Violet and her family also sell colorful window planters and upgrades for your farm-related equipment."

Violet usually stands behind the shop's main counter. You can interact with the watering can to upgrade it, or you can talk to her to buy seeds or work part-time. There are two other counters in the shop, one with seasonal produce and one with seasonal flowers that you can purchase. Behind the counter is a staircase that leads to the family's living area.

Watering Can Upgrade Edit

When you have shipped enough crops, you can upgrade your watering can for a price. This allows it to hold more water.

Standard Upgrade 1 Upgrade 2
Water Capacity 10 20 40
Crops Shipped - 30 75
Upgrade Cost - 220 320

Items for Purchase Edit

Year-round Edit

Name Cost
Caramel Wheat 63
Sunburst Button 20
Wheat Seeds 10

Spring Edit

Name Cost
Garden Strawberries 78
White Potato 80
Drumhead Cabbage 75
Bluebottle Flower 24
Red Pye Weed 35
Strawberry Seeds 16
Potato Seeds 18
Cabbage Seeds 15

Summer Edit

Name Cost
Juicy Tomato 74
Cobbed Corn 80
Moon Melon 78
Eloquent Iris 22
Brush Heather 22
Tomato Seeds 15
Corn Seeds 18
Melon Seeds 16

Autumn Edit

Name Cost
Raw Carrot 74
Bulb Onion 70
Giant Pumpkin 82
Autumn Crocus 25
Lambent Lily 25
Carrot Seeds 18
Onion Seeds 15
Pumpkin Seeds 16

Part-time Work Criteria Edit

You are able to work a shift as a cashier here if Violet is at the counter and it is after 12 pm.