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Townsfolk Trivia is an event hosted by Orion in the Midnight Tavern on the 6th day of Winter after 2pm.

Townsfolk trivia

The Event Edit

Upon entering the tavern you will be asked to join one of the teams of two people already sitting at the tables. After you have chosen a team, Orion will start asking 10 trivia questions about the people and places of Sugar Blossom Village which you and all the others will have to answer.

Every correct answer of any person yields a point for this persons team. It is possible to win no matter what team you join even if you miss a few questions. Team 4 which is the team with Mono and Barley will give the most correct answers giving you the highest possible score.

The team with the most points at the end of this game will get a set of beverages.(3 each of Herbal Tea, Bauble Fizz, Northern Brew, Spiced Rum, and Hot Spiced Milk)

Questions and Answers Spoilers
1 What is the name of Quint's hound? Maiya
2 Who does not regularly play LockBall? Liam
3 Who's favourite dish is Apple Tea Cake? Petal
4 How is Hunter related to Benjamin? Mother's side
5 Who was not born in Sugar Blossom Village? Bloom
6 What is the name of Madisons husband? Oliver
7 Who has never seen Prophecy Quest? Cole
8 What is Amber's favourite painting method? Watercolor
9 Who originally owned Honey Bray Pasture? Zachary's family
10 Who gave Mono's General Shop its name? Alexander