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Wake new


Role Angler
Workplace Bait 'N' Rod
Home Fisherman's Spring
Family River
Favourite Steamed Lobster
Likes Coral Lobster
Rainbow Trout
Spiced Rum
Hates Unknown

A former sailor and adventurer, Wake moved to town with his adopted daughter River several years ago, happily settling into the role of resident fishing expert. He runs Bait 'N' Rod, a local tackle shop where he offers helpful tricks and techniques to interested townsfolk. The aging angler is friendly and sociable, if a little rough around the edges.

Wake is the town angler living with his adopted daughter River at Fisherman's Spring and will return to town after the player receives the blessing of Ivana by donating a minimum of 2500c to the Town Hall.

Once Wake opens his shop, if you have done enough fishing, you will be able to buy a net that allows you to catch 5 fish each time. You will also begin to catch different fish and crustaceans.

Also, some time after he arrives, he will make a "ferry shortcut" between the Oceanside and Primrose Plaza. This shortcut can not be used on festival days.


6 AM - 11 AM Fisherman's Spring, left of Bait 'N' Rod
12 AM - 5 PM Bait 'N' Rod, behind the counter
8 PM - 12 AM Midnight Tavern
5 PM - 8 PM Fisherman's Spring, in front of Bait 'N' Rod
6AM - ? Oceanfront, at the table