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West Village
West village
West Village on the village map.


- Quint
- Demetri
- Sparrow and Siloh
- Orion
- Brynn and Indigo
- Bellatrix and Ellie

Points of Interest

- Aroma Bakery
- Midnight Tavern
- Tailor Trixie's

West Village is located south of Breezy Meadow and west of East Village. It contains the village bakery and tavern, as well as the tailor shop once you unlock it. Quint, Demetri, and Indigo and Brynn also have houses in this area.

Overview Edit

Demetri's house is at the bottom right corner of the map. Across the road is the Midnight Tavern and the adjacent Aroma Bakery. The West Guard House, Quint's home and office, lies in the upper left corner, and across the road is Indigo and Brynn's house. Finally, Tailor Trixie's is built in the upper right corner.